“Before coming to Jubilee my only experience of church had been very traditional and formal; what a joy to come to Jubilee and enjoy freedom in God’s presence, the outpouring of His Spirit and to be part of passionate, heartfelt worship of our Saviour and King.”
Cathy Byrne
Sunday Mornings
We currently gather together at 10.30am to worship God at The Hub. We enjoy fellowship with each other, and receive clear biblical teaching that equips us to live life to the full.

During the meeting we have facilities available for all children aged 0-11 years every week, and for youth aged 11-14 every fortnight.


From Sunday 7th May, we will be having two Sunday morning services; at 9am and again at 11am, with refreshments being served in between from 10.30 - 11am.

Although there will be full facilities for children aged 0-11 years at both meetings, our 11-14s will meet every fortnight during the 11am service only.

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“For me, Powerhouse really is the most special place in church. It is at Powerhouse where I meet with God in the most intimate way. I love it, and it was probably because of my experience at Powerhouse that I stayed in the church in the first place. Powerhouse is fantastic!”
Johannes Binninger

On Sunday evenings during university term times we have our Powerhouse meeting at Eaton House. This is our weekly prayer meeting where we enjoy dynamic, refreshing times in the presence of God. This meeting is truly the driving force of the church.

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