A devoted people

Date of talk: 
Sunday, 7 July 2013
Paul Harrison
Bible verse: 
Acts 2:42

On Sunday we continued our series on 'What on earth is the church about?'. This week we looked at the early church in Acts 2:42-47 and saw that they were a people who were devoted to God and to one another, no matter the cost. We then looked at 3 aspects to their devotion; hunger for God, holiness in their lives and help from the Holy Spirit.

For discussion: 

In your small groups this week you could discuss what was said on Sunday and the question, what are the things in life that entangle you and can hold you back from being totally devoted to God and to one another? Then seek God together in prayer and worship. The more honest you can be the better!

I also mentioned a book on Sunday that I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to know God more and is willing to let God deal with the depths of your heart. It's called 'Sustainable Power' by Simon Holley.