God's Heart for the Nations

Date of talk: 
Sunday, 24 April 2016
Ben Bass
Bible verse: 
Romans 1:5-6

On Sunday we looked at God’s heart for the nations, focussing on Romans 1:5-6.

Paul was caught up in God’s mission to the nations because he saw the story he was part of, with its Jewish heritage and international reach. He was keen to point out that the readers of his letter to the church in Rome knew they were part of this story as well, regardless of whether they were Jews or Gentiles. God’s gospel has continued to reach out through the nations over the centuries, and has reached each of us, whichever nation we are from. We are part of the promise to Abraham that in his descendants all the nations of the earth will be blessed, and now as spiritual descendants of Abraham we are to continue that blessing to the nations around us.

The key turning point in God’s gospel reaching the nations came in Jesus - He has asked the Father for the nations as His inheritance (Psalm 2:8); the Father has given him all authority and the name above every name. The church will be a glorious tapestry with people saved from every tribe and tongue, and Jesus will have His inheritance.

Finally, we looked at our attitudes towards the nations. Jubilee Church has promises that we will be a 'Seed-bank to the Nations’. We have a part to play in God’s great story. To fulfill this we need to have the right attitude towards the nations - an attitude of seeking to bring blessing - in our church, our neighbourhoods and workplaces, and to the ends of the earth.

For discussion: 

1. How does knowing we’re part of an ongoing story help us to catch God’s heart for the Nations?

2. What is our attitude towards the nations?

3. How can we actively be a blessing rather than simply avoiding negative attitudes of conflict, fear or ignorance?