Be kind

Date of talk: 
Sunday, 6 September 2015
Briony Green
Bible verse: 
Proverbs 11:17

This week I spoke on the verse, 'A man who is kind benefits himself' from Proverbs 11:17. We defined kindness as 'love acting in mercy' and had a look at God's kindness to us, discovering that God delights in His kindness, that it is exemplified in Jesus' death on the cross, and that it is tender hearted and personal.

We then looked at our call to be kind, which should reflect the kindness of God, reminding ourselves that 'the most important thing is to leave someone feeling loved', and particularly discussing the importance of kind words.

For discussion: 

In small groups this week you might like to share your stories of God's specific and personal kindnesses to you. You could then look at the following questions:-
1) How can ensure that 'leaving someone feeling loved' remains the most important thing for us?
2) How tender hearted are you towards others in the church? How can you grow in this?
3) Can you think of anyone who would be blessed by an act of kindness/some kind words this week?