How to make decisions

Date of talk: 
Sunday, 13 September 2015
Matt Clayton
Bible verse: 
Proverbs 3:5-6

On Sunday we concluded our series on Proverbs by looking at how we make decisions. We looked at how we can have freedom from anxiety over making the wrong decision and how every decision we make comes back to whether we are choosing to pursue wisdom, life and Jesus or folly, destruction and death.

We looked at some different Proverbs going into most depth with Proverbs 3:5-6.

For discussion: 

Here are a few questions which I hope will help provoke some discussion:

  1. We looked at the following myths which can affect how we make decisions. Do you find yourself believing any of these and how can you combat them?
  • God's will is hard to find
  • God wants us to know the future
  • We need to be 100% certain before we can make a decision
  • God’s greatest goal is my happiness
  1. What can we learn from the way God asks Adam to name the animals about how He wants to interact with us?
  2. Are there times when you find it difficult to trust in God’s word or God’s ways – why do you think this is and how can we overcome this?

Finally why not spend some time praying for one another that you will have freedom from anxiety when making decisions.