Invitation to the Banquet

Date of talk: 
Sunday, 29 March 2015
Andrew Simpkins
Bible verse: 
Luke 14:15-24

On Sunday we looked at the story of the invitation to the Banquet (Luke 14: 15 - 24) and the various responses that those that had been invited gave. We saw how the Master became angry at the refusal of those invited to go to the banquet and called on his servant to invite those who were willing to come – the hungry from the streets and lanes of the city and the highways and hedges outside the city.

For discussion: 

In your small groups this week you may like to consider:

  1. Those who come to the banquet are those who are hungry. How can we continue to ensure we are hungry to be with Jesus at His banquet?
  2. Those who refused to come are those who were too busy and comfortable to have their lives disturbed by the invitation. How can we avoid this trap in our own lives?
  3. The servant had to go to the difficult places to find those who would respond to the invitation. What might that mean for us as a church in Coventry today?