Who Got This?

Date of talk: 
Sunday, 5 February 2017
Paul Harrison
Bible verse: 
Galatians 4:21 - 5:1

On Sunday we continued our series on Galatians by looking at 4:21 - 5:1.  We saw in this passage how Paul contrasted slavery with freedom, driving towards the pivotal verse of 5:1 – “So Christ has truly set us free.  Now make sure you stay free, and don’t get tied up again in slavery to the law.”  We spent the rest of our time thinking about what Paul means by freedom in this sense.  I said that rather than the world’s version of freedom, doing whatever you like whenever you like, freedom in Christ is righteousness, rest and relationship.

For discussion: 

1.     What spoke to you / challenged you / encouraged you from Sunday’s sermon?

2.     How do we spur one another on to righteousness whilst enjoying grace?

3.     Paul says ‘make sure you stay free’ in this verse.  What areas are you at risk of not staying free?  How can we help each other to stay free?