Practicing Faith

Date of talk: 
Sunday, 12 February 2017
D Anthony
Bible verse: 
Galatians 5:2-15

Christ has set us free from two thieves of our freedom in Him:

  1. Moral Code: Following principles of this world. "If I act right, speak right, have the right attitudes etc. I will live a free, meaningful and happy life". But it turns out that this approach is not helpful because the principles start by serving us, but before we know it, we are serving them instead, robbing us of any joy and freedom.
  2. Sinful nature: following deceitful desires. "Do whatever makes you happy". Again this approach is unhelpful because things that make us happy and that we enjoy at best lose their satisfaction and at worst enslave us in addiction i.e. we go from just enjoying them to needing them. Moreover deceitful desires only lead us to do things that displease God.
  3. Christ has delivered us from the above. To continue to walk in freedom we must practice a life of faith. Living 'through the Spirit, by faith' is the only strategy we have been given to enjoy Christ's freedom. Therefore we must reject all strategies which are not connected to faith in Christ.

The suggested strategy for overcoming enslavement in any area of our life:

  •  Ask what the Bible said about Christ and us with regards to the issue,
  •  Find out the truths and stay on them to be persuaded by them,
  •  Confess your sin before God and repent - as often as necessary,
  •  Believe and act according the amount of faith you have,
  •  And wait on Christ to work it all out
For discussion: 

Willing small group members can share areas where they are looking for freedom. The group can then search the scriptures to find out the truths that have been written concerning those areas. You can use the internet, concordances, Bible dictionaries etc.
When the truths are discovered, speak them over each other. Discuss their implications. Small group members can then take away the truths they find most persuasive concerning their situation.
Finally pray in line with the discovered truths for the power of God to work in our lives.