Paul's love for the church

Date of talk: 
Sunday, 29 January 2017
Andrew Simpkins
Bible verse: 
Galatians 4:8-20

On Sunday we looked at Galatians 4:8-20. Paul is continuing his conversation with the church instructing them on why they should not follow Jewish laws and customs. However, in this passage we can see a little about the relationship between Paul and the church – It is a relationship between church and leader based wholly on mutual love and trust for each other.

We saw how this relationship was being pulled apart by those who were insisting on Jewish laws being followed. We went on to look at how it remains important today for everyone in the church to share lives together as brothers and sisters and for there to be no divide between the congregation and those who lead. Division comes easily and can often start when genuine, honest questions turn into cynicism and a “them and us” attitude.

For discussion: 
  1. How are we convinced our leaders love us and want the best for us?
  2. How do we ensure we are open with each other, and do not become cynical of genuine calls to grow in maturity in Christ?
  3. If I find myself separating from my brothers and sisters, particularly those who lead, with thoughts of “they should do….” How can I address this in a Godly way?