Contextualising the Gospel

Date of talk: 
Sunday, 7 February 2016
Simon Halford
Bible verse: 
Acts 17

In Acts 17 Paul contextualises the gospel for the people of Athens. On Sunday we looked at how we need to know the richness of the Gospel in order to contextualise it well. Paul knew the breadth of the Gospel, he knew his listeners, and the culture that they had. His words reflected that because he wasn’t interested in speaking to merely tick some ‘evangelism' box, but spoke for the sake of his listeners.

For discussion: 
If you usually use the four Ws at small group then maybe for Worship you could start with some worship songs which detail good news for us and this city, or maybe encourage each other with scriptures which remind us of good news and encourage our hearts to worship in response.

For Word you could start by discussing Sunday’s sermon, maybe using the following questions:
  1. What idols might Paul notice if he came to Coventry in 2016?
  2. Have you felt motivated to tell someone about Jesus?  If so, what was that motivation?  Have you ever felt provoked?
  3. Paul started where people were at.  For the Jews, this was the scriptures, for the Athenians, local poetry about their gods.  Where might we start for people in Coventry?
For Witness it would be good to speak practically about people we know and together consider what good news they may need to know.  If you find this hard that’s OK, but let’s stretch ourselves and grow in considering these things together!