Creativity Sunday

Date of talk: 
Sunday, 19 April 2015
Steve Tweeddale

This Sunday was Creativity Sunday! So in the midst of crafting and lego chaos we took a few minutes to think about a theology of creativity.

We considered that creation is the creative self-expression of the creator. He is a creative, and like all art, creation tells us something about the artist, and points to or conveys something beyond itself. We looked at how humans are the now defaced piece de resistance in God's art exhibition. That in Jesus the grace of God was displayed, redeeming and restoring his image. He saved the art, transforming it into something new and even more wonderful - we are displays and demonstrations of his grace - objects of his mercy!

We then went on to consider how this explains the power of creativity. Humans are made in the image of a God who communicates himself creatively, and so creativity is a powerful tool for communication. We should approach creativity with this in mind. Being mindful in our consumption, and enthusiastically worshipful in our practice and production!