Ruth 4: A New Hope

Date of talk: 
Sunday, 8 May 2016
Tim Gordon
Bible verse: 
Ruth 4

On Sunday we looked at an overview of the book of Ruth. The purpose of this was to help us remember the story and therefore, hopefully, the lessons we can learn from the book.

We also saw how in Chapter 4 Boaz was willing to give up everything he had to redeem a foreign, outcast, barren, bankrupt, widow with a cranky mother-in-law (just what everybody wants!). What a guy!

For discussion: 
  • As a group see if you can tell the whole story of the book of Ruth, from memory.  Feel free to use the slides if you need to!
  • Enjoy your redemption, revel in it, bask in it, smile at the thought of it – you could make this the focus of your worship for the night.
  • How does Boaz’s act of redeeming Ruth:
    • Encourage you?
    • Challenge you?
  • Consider the different characters in the story, who do you identify with?  If it’s appropriate, talk about it with the group with a view to discipling and encouraging one another.

Whoever you identify with in the story, make sure you talk to someone, and pray with them, that we might all become more like Boaz and Ruth; serving and redeeming those who are not like us, those who can’t help themselves and even those who despise us.