Esther 6 & 7

Date of talk: 
Sunday, 19 June 2016
Paul Harrison
Bible verse: 
Esther 6 & 7

On Sunday we continued our series through the book of Esther by looking at chapters 6 - 7.  In it we saw the story’s wonderful plot twist as the wicked Haman is executed on the very form of execution he had planned for Mordecai.  We looked at how these chapters have echoes of the cross within them, where Satan was defeated and put to open shame through what he thought was his own plan to execute Jesus.  We then spent the rest of the morning talking about how Jesus’ victory means we no longer need to live in fear.

For discussion: 
  1. What fears do you struggle with?
  2. What helps you overcome them?  What does the Bible say about them?
  3. Last  week my small group spent some time talking about the upcoming EU referendum which personally I found extremely helpful.  Why don’t you spend some time discussing and praying into the EU referendum and the outcomes following it?

Finally, let’s continue to co-operate with God as He seeks to deal with fear in our lives.  How can you rebel against the motivation of fear this week?