These are the preaches that have been given at Jubilee Church. By clicking on a preach you can access some questions to help you think about it in more depth and apply it to your life.

Date Preacher Title Series Bible verse
27 Jan 2008 Simon Brown Acts 5v17-42 Acts Acts 5v17-42
20 Jan 2008 Andrew Simpkins Signs and Wonders Acts Acts 5v12-16
13 Jan 2008 George Tee Ananias & Sapphira Acts Acts 5v1-11
6 Jan 2008 Andrew Simpkins Great unity, power & generosity Acts Acts 4v32-37
9 Dec 2007 Mike Saxton Acts 4v23-31 Acts Acts 4v23-31
2 Dec 2007 Roger Homes Acts 4v1-22 Acts Acts 4v1-22
25 Nov 2007 George Tee Acts 3v11-26 Acts Acts 3v11-26
18 Nov 2007 Andrew Simpkins Acts 3v1-10 Acts Acts 3v1-10
18 Nov 2007 Jeremy Simpkins Regional Celebration Nov 07 Guest Speakers Isaiah 61
21 Oct 2007 Simon Brown Pentecost Acts Acts 2v1-13
14 Oct 2007 Andrew Simpkins Making Godly decisions Acts Acts 1v12-26
7 Oct 2007 George Tee Acts 1v6-11 Acts Acts 1v6-11
15 Jan 2006 George Tee Jubilee Church Vision Vision Isaiah 61