Welcome to our brand new blog page!

We aren't doing this for the sake of it, or because many other churches do it, but as a way of communicating with you that is more in depth than is currently plausible via Jubilee News, Facebook or Twitter.

It all started when I was sent an excellent article for Jubilee News. Ordinarily articles for JNews are 100-150 words long, but this was just over 500 words. I tried for over an hour to cut it down; even 250 words would be alright as a one-off, but I struggled with what to cut out - it was all really good stuff!

Then it occurred to me that the article read more like a blog; something that we hadn't really considered yet in our Communications Plan. So after a quick chat with Andrew about the merits (or otherwise) of a Jubilee blog, here we are!

Watch this space for new articles!


"Where was God at MotoFest?" By Stuart Glass

 MotoFest was a big success, with many of us from Jubilee working incredibly hard to make it all happen. In his preach in May, James remarked that it might seem strange for a church to invest itself so heavily in what might appear to be a very secular, commercial event. However, we are called to reach out to people where they are at; using a language and a context they understand. MotoFest is our way of drawing on the history of Coventry - a history from which many in the city still draw their identity, to reach out in love to those people. Read more...